Walnut Kernels – Diamond

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  1. It provides about 654 kilocalories of energy
  2. About 13.71 grams of carbohydrates are present
  3. Walnut has a principle nutrient value of 15.23 grams proteins
  4. Total fat present is about 65.21 grams.
  5. About 6.7 diet fiber is present
  6. It must be noted there are no cholesterol.
  7. About 441 mg of potassium and only 2 mg of sodium is present in walnut
  8. It is a good source of vitamins. Vitamin C lists about 1.3 mg, Vitamin A content includes 20 IU, vitamin E list 20.83 mg
  9. It is rich in minerals like calcium (98 mg), magnesium (158 mg), phosphorous (346 mg) etc.
  10. Iron content includes around 2.9 mg.
  11. Walnuts also contain some percentage of phyto nutrients essential for human health and nutrition

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We have our very own farms in the valley of Kashmir which exports the most amount of Walnuts throughout the country and even outside the country. We at Al Fakeha procure them and gather them at our factory outlet to grade them and see if they are fit enough to be transported via airways to our headquarters in Bengaluru. Only after serious grading they reach the HQ and are graded further into different categories.
The diamond grade is of the most supreme quality kernels which are very high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids

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